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The Team

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Com'on, let's get it out there. Jesus wants to have a relationship with you. He loves you. Full stop. No compromise.
This is not a church. This is not a ministry. This is a movement that you DO NOT want to miss out on.
Climb out of the box and come see what it means to love unconditionally, forgive unconditionally and live outrageously free in Christ.

Our lingo is love. Our lingo is forgiveness. Our lingo is Jesus. Our lingo is you.
… not your normal stuff

When Moses asked God “who shall I say sent me” the Lord said “I AM THAT I AM, …which shall be a memorial unto all generations...” (Ex 3:14, ESV). Therefore on that same mandate of Let my people go, and Go [in My name] into all the world and make disciplined followers of me said the Lord Jesus (Matt 28:19, alt). This also refers to the issue of Identity “who am I?”

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