Shanna Visagie

Who are you?

I am 21 years old. Currently completing my degree at Stellenbosch University in BA Language and Culture and majoring in German, Hebrew and Aramaic with French as an extra subject. Next year I’ll be working as a full-time missionary.

My favourite verse in the Bible is: “Jesus wept.” John 11:35

My life motto is: “Knowing God is knowing myself.” – St. Augustine

My favourite person: John – the disciple whom Jesus loved. ❤

My calling: To claim back lost identities to Christ and to worship God in all, through all, with all.

My hobby: Yikes. The noun is singular. Is that a trick question? All things musical (writing, singing, playing); painting; writing on research-topics that interest me; studying foreign languages and cultures; photography; videography; dance.