About word4U2day

word4U2day carries daily devotionals, written by gifted Christian teenagers. You can receive the word4U2day publication for free and, in addition, will be able to receive daily devotionals electronically from 2014.

word4U2day is brought to you by the national non-profit, non-denominational Christian media organisation, United Christian Broadcasters South Africa Ltd. (UCB) in partnership with Radio Pulpit.

We have taken a step of faith to launch the printed edition here in South Africa. We are interested in hearing from organisations and individuals who are willing to lend their support through financial giving, prayer and distribution.

If you, your organisation or your business can help us financially with this amazing project, please contact our team and tell us how you can help.

word4U2day is available as a printed edition as well as a digital edition within South Africa, via email, website and Facebook both locally and internationally.

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